Trelleborg Wheel Systems Czech Republic is a leading tyre producer for agricultural, industrial, off-road motorcycle and bicycle tyres with around 3,300 employees worldwide and a turnover around €450 Million. Trelleborg Wheel Systems develops, manufactures and distributes tyres of the Trelleborg, Mitas and Cultor brands.
The Trelleborg group occupies leading positions in advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications know-how.
For our team we are seeking a…

Tax Specialist / Daňový specialista

Looking for "passionated" TAX SPECIALIST

Our Trelleborg Wheel Systems Czech republic team is now dreaming to find new collegue for position of TAX Specialist!

What will be your daily tasks & responsibilities:

- binding assessment of incoming foreign invoices from the point of view of VAT (reverse charge)
- preparation of documents for use and their posting in SAP
- verification of factual and formal accuracy of VAT documents and corporate income tax
- reconciliation of export decisions with invoices issued - binding preparation of documents in excel for monthly VAT returns
- annual adjustment of VAT deduction for fixed assets
- processing of documents for refund of VAT paid abroad (per year)
- checking the proof of delivery of goods to JČS
- addressing the issue of the use of service cars for private purposes from a VAT point of view
- complete and separate processing of the road tax bill (advance payments, billing)
- collaboration to compile a monthly VAT return after training
- communication and correspondence with foreign entities (provision of corrections of bad tax documents)
- inventory of tax accounts at the balance sheet date
- participation in the preparation of corporation tax returns
- fulfillment of operational tasks according to the current needs of the entity

What do we expect you will know before start:

- basic orientation in tax / accountant problematic (related education is expected)
- english communcation skills / to be used by written form mainly
- if you are able to work in SAP or similar program - it will be your "+ points"
- excel is your favourite tool to work with
- you like precise, routine work with figures & we can rely on your work results


Trelleborg Wheel Systems Czech Republic a.s.
Jana Patkova